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Daniel Muir

Management Trainee – completed 2022

Concord was an absolutely amazing experience working with some of the best people in this industry and showing the true backbone of this industry. Everyone will always start from the bottom, but focusing and pushing to the top is very important to stand out and progress, especially at Careys Manor as they provide a great range of opportunities and flexibility working in each department. As a previous Concord student, it was a great opportunity to stay at Careys and further develop my career and see where life brings me in the future.

Rose Basopo

Management Trainee – completed 2022

Choosing Concord programme was the best decision I ever made. I wanted to jump start my career in the hotel industry and Concord provided just that and more. It’s the best opportunity to learn real world experience in various positions and departments.

Steve Woodrow

Area General Manager, Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa & Montagu Arms Hotel

We have been working with Concord Hotels for a number of years here in the New Forest and this long-standing relationship has provided a fabulous learning experience in 4-star luxury hotels for the many trainees that have worked at both hotels. The eight-monthly placement in our hotel’s forms part of a 2 year month programme that will ensure all trainees will have covered working in all operational and administration-based departments.

We have had a regular intake of trainees that have proved to be super members of our teams, that have developed both as people and work colleagues whilst undertaking their learning with us. I personally love to see the arrival of a trainee and then observe how that individual personality starts to come out, their confidence grows and at the end of their time with us, we never want them to leave! Glen acts as a perfect mentor by leaving the hotels to play their part whilst checking in on the trainees at regular visits across the 2 years. Glen will also ensure that as part of these 1-1 meetings, time is spent with the hotel teams seeking updates, and ensuring the objectives of the trainee’s programme are being met.

We also meet as Board each year to review what we do, analyse the trainee’s development, take on board feedback whilst looking at ways to develop and evolve what we do as Concord Hotels, knowing that these young people represent the future of our industry. I for one, would highly recommend this training programme to anyone leaving college or university and looking to start their career in the wonderful world of hospitality.

Lucy Speed

Management Trainee – commenced 2023

So far on my placement at The Runnymede I’ve enjoyed working with the team and the different environment that comes with a hotel. Learning about the different ways you may handle a situation and how to rectify it as smoothly as possible and being able to learn the system comfortably!! As well as having opportunities to learn in other departments to have a better understanding of how each department works together to help one another out!

Lewis Hallam

Chef Trainee – commenced 2023

I’ve been participating in the Concord Hotel’s prestigious and ambitious scheme for 3 months now, working at the Runnymede-on-Thames Hotel and Spa in the kitchen. So far, the experience has been exciting, the kitchen team, and Concord Hotels are supportive, nurturing, and kind-hearted. Every day I’m learning something new, whether it being a new recipe, or a piece of equipment, or an alternative solution of carrying out a job. I’ve been working mostly in the pastry section which has been most enjoyable, setting up the dessert buffet and taking orders that come in. I’m learning to think on my feet more and adapt to the added responsibility. So far, the course, training, and accommodation have much exceeded my expectations. Concord, and the kitchen team have been nothing but supportive and I look forward to the cornucopia of new opportunities that will present themselves in the near future.

Alistar Sandall

Concord – Two great years learning with my eyes, putting the theory learnt at college into practise – or not as the case may be! Concord stood me in very good stead for my years in the industry. I was a GM by the age of 30 after having three great years in hotels and IT in South Arica in the mid 80s. I was a GM for 20 years and now the last few as a senior hotel & restaurant inspector for the AA. Poacher turned game-keeper. Work hard, play hard and smile.

Alistair Alexander

Trainee of the Year 2021

Being a Concord trainee has been the best 2 years of my life. It has allowed me to grow as a person and made me become more confident in myself. I’ve loved seeing and experiencing the different aspects of the hotel industry whether it be running the pass on a busy night in the restaurant or taking a room reservation on reception. I’ve loved meeting new people and making friends whether they are other Concord Trainee’s or regular full-time staff.I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Concord and I have loved the support from everyone in & outside of concord.

Sophie Rodgers

Trainee of the year 2018

I have absolutely loved my experience on the Concord training programme. It has given me so many new opportunities and taught me so much both personally and professionally. The scheme allows you to experience some very different working environments and develop a wide understanding within the industry. I am incredibly proud of what I have achieved as I have done things that I never thought I would be able to, such as working as both a receptionist and a chef. If I had not completed Concord, I would never have travelled the country, experienced new places or been offered so many incredible job opportunities. I cannot thank the Concord team enough as thanks to this scheme I have now secured my dream job and I absolutely love it!

Alyssa Cranston

Chef Trainee 2022

So far my experience with concord has been very good, it’s been a great way to learn new skills and experience working in hotels and restaurants. I’ve enjoyed working on different sections in the kitchen as its giving me more of an idea of what I would want to focus on in future once I’ve completed concord. Some of the challenges I have had are that it wasn’t that easy moving far from home for some of the placements but I have had plenty of support that’s been available if I needed it.

Marcin Baszkiewicz

Chef Trainee 2019

I think the Scheme is worth doing, giving many opportunities to work in various places and learning new skills from different working environments and systems. It’s a good way to learn how the hospitality industry operates in many different places. I received very good training from my head chefs and sous chefs who guided me along through my concord journey, making sure they gave me all the support that was needed for me to improve as a chef and as an individual.